Peruvian Restaurant in Paris, the Best of Peruvian Cuisine, a Culinary Journey to South America


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The True Peruvian Pokebowl: Exotic Flavors and Andean Freshness

Dive into a Universe of Flavors with our Peruvian Pokebowl, an Invitation to Discover Peru. Imagine Fresh Fish Pieces, Marinated in a Delicately Spiced Lemon Sauce, Resting on a Bed of Hearty Quinoa, Treasure of the Peruvian Mountains. Served with Crunchy Corn, Creamy Avocado, and Flavorful Tomatoes, this Mix is a Symphony of Textures and Tastes.

Peruvian Cuisine


Explosion of Peruvian Flavors: Your Reinvented Burger

Get Ready for a Revolutionary Culinary Experience with our Peruvian Burger! Choose from Marinated Chicken, Stir-Fried Beef, Slow-Cooked Pork, Nikkei Salmon, or a Dazzling Vegetarian Version. Each Ingredient is Carefully Selected to Transport You to the Heart of Peru. Imagine Artisan Bread, Golden to Perfection, Topped with Succulent Meats or Grilled Vegetables, All Infused with Authentic Andean Flavors. We Add Local Touches like Queso Fresco Cheese, Rocoto Sauce, and Fresh, Crunchy Vegetables, Creating a Perfect Harmony of Tradition and Creativity.

Peruvian Gastronomy


Carnival of Peruvian Empanadas: Your Gourmet Journey

Let Yourself Be Enchanted by the Authenticity of Our Peruvian Empanadas! Whether You Choose Marinated Chicken, Slow-Cooked Beef, Delicate Tuna, Melting Cheese, or the Colorful Vegetarian Option, Each Empanada is a Flavor Masterpiece. These Golden Pockets, Crispy on the Outside and Brimming with Generous Fillings on the Inside, Are an Ode to Peruvian Culinary Traditions. Each Variety is Prepared with Love, Using Fresh, Local Ingredients, Seasoned to Awaken Your Senses.

They loved it, you’re going to love it They loved it, you’re going to love it

« Honestly, it’s super good, I’m Peruvian and I was not disappointed. I recommend the burgers and the empanadas which are incredible. »


« A great discovery of this new place in the neighborhood. I had a chicken Bowl that I composed, and a chicken empanada. Really very good! And very generous! The price is a bit high, but the ingredients are fresh and good! Served by two very smiling young ladies. I will come back :) »


« I discovered this new restaurant in the neighborhood, I had a burger that was super good and worth the price with their homemade tortillas, so I tried the bowls the next day with my colleagues, flawless. Also, the sauces are very elaborate and everything is especially fresh!!! I recommend this new concept. »


« Passing by chance and appreciating Peruvian cuisine, I had to try it. I tried the bowl and I sincerely found that they managed to dust off the concept which is now seen and reviewed. The Peru-style bowl is validated. The flavors offered blend perfectly. »


« As a Peruvian, I can say that my burger was very good. It’s not a traditional restaurant with typical Peruvian dishes, sure. But there are Poke bowls and burgers inspired by the ingredients of Peru and obviously the culinary know-how. I really liked to see that you also offer Nikkei cuisine (Peruvian-Japanese fusion), good luck and good fortune 🍀 »


« Excellent! The dishes have the real traditional taste of Peruvian cuisine with a neat and generous presentation. Absolutely to try: the classic ceviche and the Lomo Saltado, a killer!! »


« A great discovery! A place that makes you travel as much by taste as by the atmosphere. The dishes offered were rich in flavors, and the service was really top-notch. We will come back! »


« Ideal setting, top service but above all absolutely delicious food. One of the best restaurants I have tried this year. I recommend it 100% and will return with my eyes closed. »

They loved it, you’re going to love it
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