Our delicious Peruvian dishes that you must taste without moderation

The Authentic Peruvian Ceviche on Your Plate

Discover our Peruvian ceviches, a true celebration of marine flavors, prepared with care to offer you the best of Peruvian cuisine. Every bite of our ceviches is a promise of freshness and authenticity, marrying the simplicity of ingredients with the richness of flavors. Raw fish cut into cubes and cooked with a base of lime marinade.

  • Clasico Ceviche

    Clasico Ceviche


    White fish depending on availability, sweet potato, butter lettuce, choclo corn, and roasted corn, classic tiger's milk.

  • Tuna Ceviche

    Tuna Ceviche


    Octopus, choclo corn, red onion, coriander, butter lettuce, aji amarillo, acevichado sauce.

  • Salmon Ceviche

    Salmon Ceviche


    Salmon, choclo corn, onion, avocado, butter lettuce, Nikkei sauce.

  • Daurade Ceviche

    Daurade Ceviche


    Raw white fish, cut into cubes and cooked with a base of lime marinade, sweet potato, little gem lettuce, choclo corn, roasted corn, and leche de tigre sauce

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