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¡Olé! Discover a bit more about the authentic delights of Peru with Yora and embark directly on a culinary journey ✈️ You’ll see, in Peruvian flavors, there is only goodness and moreover, it’s healthy.

Peru in Paris

Our delicious Peruvian dishes that you must taste without moderation

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From Peru to the plate par le chef José Arias

Directly envisioned by our chef José Arias and inspired by the lively streets of Lima, a bold and totally exotic cuisine awaits you in our kitchens. ¡Delicioso! Do you know Peruvian street food? A true gem: the ceviche prepared on the spot, the empanadas cooked to perfection... all these delights have made Yora a reference in the Peruvian street food scene with several restaurant openings in Paris!

Yora, a Panoan dialect from the Peruvian Amazon

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¡Hola Paris! What is Yora? ¡Vamos! It’s Peruvian street food that has just opened its doors in the capital. Yora borrows its name from the language of an indigenous tribe spoken by a small native community of the Peruvian Amazon. And what does it look like? "Bawo" means "Hello" or "E se" means "Thank you". Now you speak Yora ;) Yora is also a place of indulgence offering a menu as varied as it is authentic. ¡Para chuparse los dedos! The Ceviche, a must-have dish made with marinated fish, promises to be the king of the menu.

Our delicious Peruvian dishes that you must taste without moderation

Each dish, a palette of colors and flavors

Alongside it, the Aji de gallina dish, a wonderful combination of chicken and creamy chili sauce, and the Arroz verde, reminiscent of the riches of the Andes. The pulpo, lomo saltado, and empanadas provide an immersion in the diversity of Peruvian flavors. And for those in search of a street touch, the Peruvian burger and the Peruvian bowl combine tradition and innovation. Visiting Yora is much more than a meal: it’s a true immersion into the soul of Peru.

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Peruvian gastronomy, a culinary treasure celebrated worldwide by top chefs

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A direct journey for guaranteed freshness

Yora’s culinary heritage is rooted in the mythical lands of Peru, a mosaic of territories and traditions. The richness of its regions, from the Andean peaks to the depths of the Amazon, has shaped a diverse taste palette: the cuisine of the Incas, fused with Spanish, Japanese, and Asian influences.

Yora’s recipes draw from these heritages to celebrate the gastronomic splendor of Peru. Lima, with its sea air and hectic pace, is a city where passion, adventure, discovery, and joy are combined in every dish. Its cosmopolitan vitality and authentic warmth embody the essence of our restaurants.

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